Industrial style furniture

You know the look you want. Reclaimed wood, distressed dining tables and industrial chic furniture that look like they belong in a factory from a bygone era. You want neutral tones, plain metals and reclaimed wood. And utilitarian pieces, both in function and form.

Industrial modern style is characterized by a raw and unfinished look. Its aesthetics cut out the excess and lean towards practicality of form. Exposed hardware, unfinished metals and wood, distressed finishes, and factory inspired pieces are what it’s all about. This style relies heavily on industrial furniture, or furniture that looks like it was used in a factory setting. Items like a drill press stool, an old dentist’s lamp or a drafting table could all be considered factory furniture.  This style adds to the industrial modern mindset with its clean lines and utilitarian forms.

Often, designers achieve the industrial chic look with reclaimed or rustic materials.Wood from old houses and barns, pipes or beams from industrial buildings, or finished products manufactured to look like them frequent use in industrial modern design.  These types of materials can offer a distressed look, giving furniture the aura of a long life full of caring use, even if newly constructed.