If you have invested in a piece of handmade furniture you will want to make sure it is well looked after. Below is our guide on how to care for your new furniture.


Metal surfaces do not require any special maintenance apart from general periodic cleaning. A damp cloth or duster should be more than sufficient. Avoid abrasive materials such as Scotchbrite sponges as these will scratch the coating.

Do not apply any chemicals as this could dull or even damage the finish.

If the coating gets scratched and bare metal is showing this will need to be touched up with lacquer or wax to avoid corrosion.

Powder coated items will rust much quicker if used in high humidity areas such as bathrooms or if left outside.

Our products are classed as ‘Vintage Industrial’ inspired and so a few imperfections such as rust blemishes arguably only add to the look.


Real wood needs to be treated with care. Avoid direct sunlight as this can fade the wood dyes used.

Wood has a moisture content relative to its surrounding environment. Avoid placing furniture directly in front of intense heat sources such as wood burners or radiators as this will dry out the wood and possibly cause it to shrink and/or warp.

We reclaim and use a variety of wood species including Oak, Walnut and Pine which is all kiln dried. This ensures the timber has been dried to a suitable moisture level before being turned into furniture.

All of our woodwork is treated with natural bees waxes unless specified otherwise. Bees wax provides a durable water coating to help protect wooden surfaces.

If an waxed surface is damaged it can be possible for the affected area to be lightly sanded and re-waxed though we recommend sourcing a local trained professional to undertake this type of repair.

on Hardwoods we use danish oil or hard wax oil and will require additional coats of clear Danish Oil to keep them looking good. It is advisable to oil 2-4 times per year depending on the environment and use of the item. Clear Danish Oil can be purchased from most hardware stores. Please following the instructions on the label or contact us direct for help. All of our furniture is well oiled or waxed, typically 3-5 coats before leaving our workshop, and so you may find that the finish continues to look great long after delivery.

Do not use any harsh abrasives, solvent or silicone based cleaning products on any part of our furniture. Please only use a natural furniture polish or a damp cloth for general cleaning.

To avoid damage to table tops we strongly advise the use of coasters and place mats. A table cloth may also be recommended if there is an increased risk of spillages such as a dinner party.